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Access and Inclusion Model

The Better Start Access and Inclusion Model (AIM) is a model of supports designed to ensure that children with disabilities can access the​ Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) programme. Its goal is to empower service providers to deliver an inclusive pre-school experience, ensuring that every eligible child can fully participate in the ECCE programme and reap the benefits of quality early years care and education. 

The range and diversity of supports required is illustrated by the seven levels of the model. Under Level 4 of the model, Early Years Specialists (Access and Inclusion) will support pre-school settings and the Parent/Guardian/Carer in having timely access to advice and supports. The Early Years Specialists (Access and Inclusion) will model and coach providers in strategies to enable participation of children with disabilities, working in partnership with parents. The Specialists facilitate engagement in peer learning at local or regional level, liaising with HSE professionals and others as required to support the child and family. This support will assist early years practitioners to create an inclusive environment and meet the needs of the child in the pre-school setting ensuring that children with a disability can access and meaningfully participate in the ECCE programme.

Further information and contact details:

Further information on Better Start Access and Inclusion Model is available by visiting 

Further information on Better Start National Early Years Quality Development is available here.

Information on local supports and services is available through your local City or County Childcare Committee.

Download the Better Start AIM information leaflet here:

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