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Information for City and County Childcare Committees

City and County Childcare Committees (CCCs) are the local "one stop shop" for Early Years education and care providers looking for information or support with Government funding schemes, quality development support, training or continuing professional development (CPD). They have information on a wide range of supports available to early years providers and are the first point of contact for the Better Start Quality Development Service. They undertake a profile of local services to ensure supports are tailored to their needs and interests.

The Better Start Quality Development Service operates 
an additional resource to support and drive quality improvement. Requests for the Quality Development Service are made through CCCs, informed by service profiles - service type, number and age of children catered for, services offered (full day care, sessional preschool, after-school etc). All requests for the Quality Development Service are sent to the Better Start Coordinating Team and processed centrally. Early Years Specialists will be allocated to the ELC services on the basis of our criteria and the availability of an Early Years Specialist.

Please see our Criteria for Quality Development Service
Please see a generic Request Form

Please click here to see the contact details for individual CCCs.