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National Síolta Aistear Initiative 

The National Síolta Aistear Initiative (NSAI) was established in 2016 to support central, coordinated roll out of Síolta and Aistear the national quality and curriculum frameworks. The initiative is a collaboration between DES, DCYA, Better Start and NCCA. Two National Development Officers support the work of the initiative-a National Síolta Development Officer and a National Aistear Development Officer. Please see https://www.education.ie/en/The-Education-System/Early-Childhood/national-siolta-aistear-initiative/national-siolta-aistear-initiative.html for further information on the NSAI.
In January 2019, a National Síolta Aistear implementation office was established in Better Start to provide central coordination of the work of the initiative. The National Síolta Development Officer will be co-located within this office and the Early Years Education Policy Unit (DES).
In 2018, a working group comprising of members from NSAI, NCCA, EYEI and Better Start was convened and developed a new CPD programme for the early learning and care sector, entitled ‘Aistear and Play’.
Aistear and Play’ consists of 5 individual workshops (2 and a half hours each) and two onsite support visits with an early years mentor to support application of learning. This element of the NSAI will be delivered by Better Start National Early Years Quality Development from March 2019. Please see below more information on Aistear and Play and an expression of interest form for those interested in applying. For any queries please contact NSAI@betterstart.ie.

Aistear Play information leaflet 2020.pdfAistear Play information leaflet 2020.pdf

PIP Notice Aistear Play Round 3 2020.pdfPIP Notice Aistear Play Round 3 2020.pdf